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NEW!! Original hand drawn people portraits!

The illustrators are always hard at work in the studio here at Letterfest HQ, creating books, art prints, house portraits, wedding venues and pet portraits! Now we have our newest member to the Letterfest team, Chris, we have people portraits now available. Chris talks us through how he creates these impressive drawings and a little insight to […]

Behind the scenes

We get asked quite often how we create our personalised illustrations – whether its a wedding venue, family home or favourite place. So we thought we would give you a little insider knowledge on what happens to your hand drawn portraits behind the doors at letterfest HQ. Our talented illustrators hand draw your image from […]

Welcome to the world of detail

If you have not already seen or heard about our detailed illustrations we create here at Letterfest you need to keep reading. Most people have their own style, quirks or features they love about their home and lot of our products we created here have a contemporary feel, however, not everyone has the the same vision when […]

Put a ring on it….

When it comes to popping the question its no longer as simple as saying those four words ‘Will you marry me?’. Nowadays, you know full well everyone will want to know the story behind it – did they get down on one knee? was it somewhere magical? did they do a romantic treasure hunt or […]

New Year, New Products

Its a new year so that can usually only mean one thing, the world of social media takes it upon themselves to push the ”New Year, New You!” resolutions, gym memberships and health kicks! We have tried our best here, some of us are on the no sugar or no caffeine diets ie no fun! […]

Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of….

We have drawn many incredible buildings and places since Letterfest began. One of the most iconic and memorable is that being New York. We have drawn them for varying different occasions for customers-  engagements, weddings, holiday destinations or just it being a favourite place. The Statue of liberty The seven spikes on the crown represent […]

Jigsaw Junkies

Letterfest HQ has recently become the location for puzzling! Our studio table has become the home of ‘naughty kittens’. (not actual real kittens, just a jigsaw version of them). It all started when Wendy spent some time chill-axing with Bob on holiday with a jigsaw puzzle and became addicted…. They have now spread their addiction to the Letterfest […]

Recent Raving Reviews

We get some wonderful comments from our lovely customers who take the time out to fill in reviews for us. Feedback is always appreciated here at LETTERFEST so we thought it would only be fair to share some of that love with you! Below is some of the recent reviews we have had for a […]

Its happening here on Friday

I’m sure you have all heard about the eclipse that is going to happen on Friday- hope you all have your safe spectacles at the ready.  The eclipse is due to be seen between 8am and 9.30am on Friday morning, depending on your location, and Its the biggest solar eclipse to be seen in the UK since 1999. […]

Whilst Bob and Wendy are away, Travis will play..

Bob and Wendy spent a lovely weekend near Glastonbury this weekend (more of that on tomorrow’s blog) and Travis stayed back here in North Devon with Anna and her husband Will. The weather was gorgeous and they took him out for a day trip on Saturday to Bucks Mills. This is one of the prettiest […]

Letterfest Loves the Seaside

Hockings ice cream van Instow North Devon

We’re lucky enough to live on the rather beautiful North Devon coast and we absolutely love it when the weather warms up and the best ice cream known to man and its lovely retro style vans appear again after the long winter. We’re talking about Hockings ice cream. If you’ve ever been to this part […]

Letterfest Loves Barnstaple

Barnstaple, North Devon

We thought we’d let you know a bit more about Letterfest’s new home of Barnstaple. It’s a busy market town with lots of specialist food shops which we are very happy about! Butcher’s Row is an historic street lined with fantastic butchers, delis, bakeries and fresh fish shops selling local produce. Our lunchtimes will never […]

Letterfest Loves Bank Holidays!

Appledore from Instow beach

A strange thing happened here in North Devon this weekend. It was a Bank Holiday and it was SUNNY! The two don’t often go together do they?! Our village beach here in Instow was looking resplendent in the sun don’t you agree? These photos were taken in the morning before the crowds of grockles (that’s […]

The Old Smithy


We had to share these photos Anna took of a pub just down the coast from Letterfest HQ. From the oustide The Old Smithy Inn looks like your quintessential Ye Olde English country pub but inside, well it isn’t quite what you’d expect! It’s a treasure trove of 1970’s decor. There are pictures and ornaments […]

Helping the North Devon Hospice

North Devon Hospice

We were really chuffed to present the North Devon Hospice with a donation last week. Giving to this local charity is very important to us and it’s great to be told exactly how we have helped. Our donation has paid for one hospice nurse for an entire month, enabling them to support patients and their families […]

Herring Festival


Now we know that a herring festival probably doesn’t sound like the most rivetting event but when it is held in the village of Clovelly in North Devon close to us at Letterfest it’s a bit special. Lots of you will probably have heard of Clovelly or even been there. It’s an historic fishing village […]