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The lost art of letter writing..


Some of us at Letterfest HQ have been writing our thank you letters for the Christmas gifts we received. It’s sad that it feels odd to sit down and actually hand write a letter these days; we’re so used to email or just texting thanks to someone. However we think there may be a letter […]

Crafty Cardboard


We’ve been adding to our collection of cardboard creations recently and thought we would highlight them here in one giant cardboard-fest of a blog post. All our cardboard products are made here in North Devon by James and are made using only FSC approved pulp. That means the paper comes from sustainable forests, so for […]

Typophiles Unite


We found this sketchblog recently by Maia Then called Lettering Daily. Using her iPhone, Maia captures her doodles and shares them with her followers. Maia LOVES type and her doodling style changes daily. Being fans of lettering ourselves, we salute her dedication to the cause! Here is some of her work. You are not alone […]