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A Lesson in Lettering

Letter box

Anna moved house this weekend and whilst unpacking she found this vintage calligraphy book which appeals greatly to us here at Letterfest HQ. It was first published in 1939 which is pretty clear from the fantastically old school English used to describe the typefaces and fonts! It makes for interesting reading – no really it […]

Typophiles Unite


We found this sketchblog recently by Maia Then called Lettering Daily. Using her iPhone, Maia captures her doodles and shares them with her followers. Maia LOVES type and her doodling style changes daily. Being fans of lettering ourselves, we salute her dedication to the cause! Here is some of her work. You are not alone […]

Letterfest Loves.. Vintage Letters


We love anything to do with typography (the clue is in our name!) but especially the use of lettering in home decor. Wendy found these great vintage letters recently. The SMILE image shown above, is original 1950’s marquee lettering by Philadelphia Salvage Company on Etsy. We like the retro look of this. If there was one word […]

Letterfest Loves.. Wedding Decor!

Letterfest Wooden Hearts for Guest Names

We make lots of products which are just perfect for using as part of your wedding table decoration scheme so we thought we might highlight them for you here. First up we have our Wooden Hearts, perfect for using as place settings on your big day. You can either buy them from us blank so […]