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We Do!

Personalised Wedding Venue Portrait

Our Personalised Wedding Venue Portraits have been flying out the door recently. More and more people are choosing to have winter weddings it would seem, and the great thing about our portraits is that it doesn’t matter if it poured with rain, it will look bright and sunny no matter how the day really turned […]

Unravel and Mend


We found our Double House or Venue Portrait featured on a great blog at the weekend. Unravel and Mend is a blog about all things knitted and stitched with great ideas for craft projects for those a bit handy with knitting needles. Check out their blog for tutorials and patterns that will inspire you to […]

This Week’sTop 5 Illustrations

Letterfest My Favourite Place Personalised Illustration

Here are five of our favourite illustrations from the past week. This picture of Hong Kong was for a My Favourite Place Personalised Illustration. We hope it brings back great memories for them. This trio of cars was for someone’s 40th birthday present. We were asked to draw the three cars they have owned (and […]

Meet the Team – Our Letterfest Lads!


  We want to introduce you to the Letterfest lads who work outside of our office in their respective workshops across North Devon. As you can tell we have a lot of great talent in this corner of England! Bill, Illustrator Bill lives across the water from us in our rival village and draws our […]

Portraits of the Week

Letterfest Personalised Wedding Venue Portrait

We thought we might share with you, some of our favourite commissions from this week. We get asked to draw some lovely properties for our Double House or Venue Portraits¬†and this week we were asked to draw this trio of homes. These are the three houses that one couple have lived in throughout their marriage. […]