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Portrait for a picture wall

Letterfest Personalised House Portrait on Daisy Chains & Dreamers

We were contacted this week by Sarah of lifestyle blog Daisy Chains & Dreamers after she received her Personalised House Portrait. Sarah framed the portrait herself in a simple white box frame and it’s currently sitting on her mantelpiece ready to be added to her new picture wall. Having an illustration of a house hand […]

Treasure Every Moment

Treasure Every Moment

We were featured in a lovely blog the other day and the review they gave our Favourite Place Illustration is so glowing we had to share it with you! The blog is called Treasure Every Moment. It’s following blogger Helen’s journey towards the aisle. Recently engaged, Helen chose to have the location where her husband-to-be […]

Unravel and Mend


We found our Double House or Venue Portrait featured on a great blog at the weekend. Unravel and Mend is a blog about all things knitted and stitched with great ideas for craft projects for those a bit handy with knitting needles. Check out their blog for tutorials and patterns that will inspire you to […]

Typophiles Unite


We found this sketchblog recently by Maia Then called Lettering Daily. Using her iPhone, Maia captures her doodles and shares them with her followers. Maia LOVES type and her doodling style changes daily. Being fans of lettering ourselves, we salute her dedication to the cause! Here is some of her work. You are not alone […]