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We Do!

Our Personalised Wedding Venue Portraits have been flying out the door recently. More and more people are choosing to have winter weddings it would seem, and the great thing about our portraits is that it doesn’t matter if it poured with rain, it will look bright and sunny no matter how the day really turned […]

New Personalised Illustrations

We’ve been working on a brand new range of personalised illustration gifts and here they are! Our pet portraits are ever so popular already and now you can choose to have one in this simple Pet Portrait Sketch without the coloured background. As with all our illustrations all we need to make this is a photo which one of […]

Christmas is coming…

We just got the new Christmas NotOnTheHighStreet.com catalog in the post! It’s sent out to NOTHS partners a couple of days early I guess just to remind them to cancel any social engagements they might have for the next 6-7 weeks 😉 We are featured in the center with a nice right hand page showing […]

Christmas Advent No 8

Back to the Type – this is Letterfest after all. And theres a little company in the good old US of A that I’ve been a massive fan of for a while. Yee-haw Industries is a letterpress and design shop that just does the most fantastic and sometimes whimsical work. Check them out on etsy.

Christmas Advent No 6

I’ve always been a massive fan of Robert Ryan’s paper cut inspired screen prints. He has his own shop on the wonderful craft portal Etsy, so if you haven’t checked him, or Etsy, out yet – its a must for Christmas  shopping. I’ll be including some of my other Etsy finds later on in the […]

Poloroid Fun

Everyone loves retro poloroid images – the way the colours are a bit saturated, they’re a bit grainy and they’ve got real character rather than prestine digital images. Well some clever people have come up with Poladroid – an application you can download for mac or Pc. Simply drag your photos into the app on […]

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