Letterfest Supports Dogs Helping Kids.

For February we are donating 15% of the purchase price of all of our pet portraits to ‘Dog’s Helping Kids’

The Charity

Dogs Helping Kids works in all schools and colleges across the country including mainstream schools, behavioural schools, special need schools, further education colleges, preparatory schools, grammar schools and very small specialised schools. The primary aim of Dogs Helping Kids is to educate, help and support children and teenagers of all ages, backgrounds, sexes and abilities. This is achieved by training very carefully selected dogs known as DHK School Dogs to an incredibly high standard to work in the school, college and library environment as both educational and therapeutic aids.

The impact our DHK School Dogs have on children and teenagers in the educational environment is amazing and life changing. Every day across the country our DHK School Dogs are working with and helping children and teenagers. The following is being achieved :-

1) Improved academic achievement
2) Increase in literacy skills
3) Calm behaviour down
4) Increase in social skills and self esteem
5) Increased confidence
6) Teaching responsibility and respect to all life
7) Helping to prevent truancy and absenteeism
8) Motivating children who are often not that attentive within
classroom environments

Mission Statement

Dogs Helping Kids is dedicated to using highly trained dogs to help teach children non-violence, empathy, respect, kindness, love, responsibility, friendship and trust.

Vision Statement

To have a dog working and helping in every school and every library in the United Kingdom.

Charity Objects  (as they appear on the Charity Commission website)

To advance education and development of children and young people in England and Wales by providing and assisting in the provision of appropriately trained dogs as a means to help them:
A) To learn respect, empathy, responsibility and non-violence;
B) With behavioural and other problems or illnesses they may have.

Further Aims of D.H.K.

Promote the positive role that dogs have and deserve in today’s society especially with regard to the ways in which dogs can both enhance children’s lives and help children.

Promote the effectiveness and uniqueness of the child-dog bond and the tremendous impact this can have on the individual child.


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