Lesley the Lion Personalised Story Book

Letterfest are delighted to introduce our latest personalised story book ‘Have You Seen…’, featuring Lesley the lion. Based upon the beautiful crocheted characters created by our friends at Albetta.co.uk, our new adventure story follows Lesley the lion, who, after awaking from a nap, discovers her owner is not there.

In late September, Not on the Highstreet asked a number of partners to pitch an idea for a new personalised story book, based upon the character of Lesley the Lion, who is featured in their 2017 Christmas TV ad. After a long brainstorm in the office, Chris pitched the idea of switching the focus of the book to the toy’s perspective, rather than the perspective of the child. To include as many of the characters from Albetta’s range as possible, we decided Lesley should embark upon an adventure and meet the different characters along the way.

We then had to decide how we could introduce personalisation to the story. We expanded on the idea and decided that Lesley could be going in search of her owner and could be describing the child along the way – “Have you seen Rosie? She has blonde hair and blue eyes.”  These details would be personalised to each child, and could include their favourite food, game and who they live with.  We decided that to introduce repetition to the story, we would repeat the information with each new encounter, until we had a full description of her owner towards the end of the book. Wendy got to work writing the story and Tom created some initial sketches of the different characters. Lastly we decided upon the title ‘Have You Seen…’(childs name – we picked Rosie) and the next day our pitch was sent to NOTHS.

A few days later we received the news that we had won the pitch, and that the book needed to be finished by October 9th – just one week away! With the story complete, Albetta sent us some examples of their toys for Tom to work from and he got to work creating the beautiful illustrations for the book. Once the drawings were completed, Wendy added the vibrant colour with our signature watercolour splashes. It took just 10 days from concept to completion.

The story follows Lesley’s journey as she goes in search of her owner (which can be personalised with a childs’ name) and her encounters with different characters along the way, including zebras, elephants and monkeys. The book can be personalised with your childs’ details, including their appearance, favourite activity and where they live. These details are cleverly worked into the story with Lesley describing the child to each new character she meets along the way.

The characters in the book are based upon the many soft toys created by Albertta.co.uk, including zebras, giraffes, monkeys, sloths and elephants. The unique toys are all crocheted by hand and made from a soft cotton.

Lesley the Lion is featured in this years Not on the Highstreet Christmas campaign, which can be seen here.

Both the book and soft toys are available to purchase through Not on the Highstreet here, and will make the perfect personalised gift this Christmas!




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