Supermum! Mummy and me book is now available!

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Mummy and me book is now available!

After lots of creative brianstorming the eagerly awaited ‘Mummy and me’ book is now launched. We had a massive success with the Daddy and me book, even winning product of the year 2016, and this is the next one in line.

We have taken lots of feedback on board from our customers on our previous books and its really helped us perfect this one.

Our series of books now include:
Personalised North Pole Adventure Book
Personalised Eggcellent Adventure Book
Personalised Daddy And Me Book
Personalised First Christmas Storybook


Tom and Wendy toyed with the idea with choosing a different animal to star in the book but after much deliberation our lovable polar family had to be kept.

original_personalised-mummy-and-me-book (4)

Tom’s newest drawings are just as adorable as the last, you’ll find lots of hidden gems in this book – reindeer slippers, a fishcake, penguin friends and even a polar bear in a yoga outfit. His quirky little touches throughout really show the level of care, detail and fun that has been put into creating this beautiful book. Check out the ‘bear spray’ on the dressing room table or the penguin in the cinema having two boxes of popcorn.

original_personalised-mummy-and-me-book (8)

Like the Daddy and me book it celebrates the relationship between the children and the mum. As its written on behalf of the child the personal details that are put into the book make it such a special gift that both the Mum and child can read time and time again. A wonderful keepsake that will be loved by all the family.

original_personalised-mummy-and-me-book (10)

The book is personalised throughout with what Mum loves – from what she does, favourite food, games, clothes, hobbies and film. The front cover is printed with the name of the child as the author and their’s and their Mum’s name picked out in the clouds in the sky. You can also change the main name to whatever you want – Mummy, Mum, Mama etc. If there is more than one child to include that’s no problem, we can include up to 3 children.

original_personalised-mummy-and-me-book (6)To give you an idea of how the story will read we have put an example in the description of the product and I’ve out it here below –
Mummy lives with (enter family names) and me in (enter address eg: a little white house in St Albans). She is a very busy (enter job e.g.: full time Mummy, or Shop Manager) (enter job description e.g.:looking after me at home, or looking after all her staff and customers). She is Amazing! She keeps our home looking perfect – although she hates (enter housework she hates e.g.: ironing Daddy’s shirts). Mummy is fantastic in the kitchen. Her favourite food is (enter food). My favourite food is (enter child’s favourite food e.g. milk). She makes me giggle at bath time, blowing bubbles and making sure I’m clean, even behind my ears. She loves to play games with me – she makes everything an adventure. My favourite game is (enter favourite game e.g.: peek-a-boo!). She looks beautiful whatever she decides to wear, although she likes (enter favourite clothing e.g. stripy tops) most of all. My favourite thing about Mummy is her (enter thing e.g.: big smile, lovely eyes etc). She smells really nice when she gives me special Mummy hugs. In her spare time she likes (enter favourite hobby)… she is really good! Sometimes we watch her favourite film (enter film) before snuggling up in bed. Mummy, I love you more than anything in the whole wide world, love (name of child) xx

Birthdays, Mother’s Day or just because this makes a thoughtful and touching gift for all those Mums with young children.

Happy reading!

LF x


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