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If you have not already seen or heard about our detailed illustrations we create here at Letterfest you need to keep reading.

Most people have their own style, quirks or features they love about their home and lot of our products we created here have a contemporary feel, however, not everyone has the the same vision when it comes to decorating their home. This is where our detailed illustration comes in. We like to think of it as a more traditional, classic look about it that will suit just about everyone.

Our normal house portraits have beautiful soft colours like duck blues and greens, this detailed portrait is black and white so can fit in with most colour schemes. It includes textures such as brick and roof tiles and some of the surrounding landscape, a big contrast to the house portraits which are a more simplified drawing of the photograph we’ve been provided with.

Still not convinced……. ? take a look at some examples of previous work.


Its a beautiful drawing of someone’s home based on a photo provided by you, hand drawn by artists working in North Devon. The drawing uses detailed linework to illustrate the different materials and textures of the building.


Each detailed portrait can take our illustrator up to a day to draw so the time and care is really taken with each individual order.


Its hand drawn black & white drawing of the property, not a computer generated image, so we can add or remove things you don’t want eg: cars, lamp posts, and we won’t include elements such as dustbins, satellite dishes etc. We sketch the view from the photograph (ie the same perspective) and include textures such as brick and roof tiles and some of the surrounding landscape.


The illustration is scanned in to the computer so any smudges, corrections etc can be cleaned and touched up. Your choice of personalised text in the font your have requested is then added before its digitally printed in black and white on 200gsm acid free, fine grain artists paper. All illustrations are then mounted ready to be framed(if required) and packaged up ready to be sent.

If your interested in purchasing this for a loved one or maybe just for yourself you can click on the link below





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