The Great British Letterfest office Christmas Bake off

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What does any super busy office do at their busiest time of year?! Have a bake off!
Yes that’s not a joke, we really did think it was a good idea at the time….

It started with a harmless comment by Wendy and Tom about the best mince pie recipes and before we new it, James had created it into a competition…. so we were put into pairs to compete against each other –
Alice and B
Wendy and Chris
Chris and Tom J
Charlie and Mills
Wendy and Tom

The only rules being we couldn’t tell each other what we made (to make it fair with the voting) and it had to be Christmas themed…..

Our pairs had a set day of the week to bake (we couldn’t bring them in all on one day- even for the LF team that’s too much to try and eat)

Tom J made Fudge, Mills made chocolate Yule Log (with gold glitter) Charlie -Ginger Truffles, Tom- mince pies Chris- Ginger cake, Wendy- mince pies, Alice – Sausage rolls (extra points for making cheese ones for the vegetarians), B- Spiced Christmas cake.


And no soggy bottoms in sight! Mary Berry ain’t got nothing on us!

After anonymous voting the semi finalists were Chris and Wendy (yes we had a semi final round, we took it that seriously).

For the final, Wendy and Chris both upped their bake off game, we had mini cups of trifles from Wendy and apple cake from Chris. It was so so tough to choose a winner but in the end the votes made it a draw!!

You’d think we would all be sick of cakes and sweet treats, especially after Christmas, but believe it or not we are already thinking about the next one…..


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