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xmas book

So here’s something a lot different to what we’re used to seeing here at Letterfest, but something we’ve loved making, our first bespoke children’s book, The North Pole Adventure.


Having wanted to make a Children’s book for some time we thought long and hard about what would make a wonderful reading experience, as every child is unique. So we came up with the idea of making the book personalised so the child would have a special connection with the characters. To allow them to feel like they were part of the book we added the addition of the child featuring in their own book as a customised illustration.


Tom realised when reading books to his son Jack, he loved books that featured rhyme and rhythm as it always invites him to join in with the reading. So we felt this would be a good format for our Personalised Christmas story.


We wanted to introduce another way of allowing children to have more interaction with the book, so that lead us to the start of story where the child has to write their letter to Santa.


Children’s book illustration has always been a keen interest of Toms and having always been inspired by the work of illustrators Oliver Jeffers and Raymond Briggs it was fantastic challenge and experience to be able to work on his own set of characters for our first Letterfest book.


The inspiration for the characters of the book were drawn from Tom’s fond memories of stories and favourite well known arctic animals and characters.


For the colour of the book we used a combination of the pencil line drawings Tom had drawn with rich painterly backgrounds. Starting at the beginning of the book we used cooler colours which become warmer as the reader is introduced to new and exciting characters like the elves and the big man himself, Santa.

SAMSUNG CSCWe are delighted that the book has been well received and are already in the process of developing a book in time for easter.

Here’s a sneak peek. Watch this space…………

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