Our First Book!

Wendy and Tom have been hard at work for months writing and illustrating a brand new personalised children’s book! A beautifully illustrated Children’s book with rhyming verse and personalised characters based on your child.

XmasCoverEach book tells the story of your child writing their Christmas letter to Santa – there’s even room in the book for them (or you) to write their list. Then follow the letter on its journey to find Santa in the North pole – will it get there in time for Christmas Eve? Only with the help of a penguin, polar bear, reindeer and some very busy elves in this unique Christmas adventure.


Each page is beautifully illustrated with humorous rhyming verse. Suitable for children between 2-6 years old it makes a perfect Christmas present or read with your child in the weeks before Christmas to get them even more excited!


Choose from our range of characters to best suit your child selecting hair colour, style and skin tone. On the first page we introduce your child using the information you enter in the form – including their favourite toy, where they live and other family members.
For example ……Owen Johnson was a boy who liked to keep busy. He played with his lego, so much he was giddy! He lived in Nottingham in a house with a red door, with his Mum, Dad and sister – there was room for no more.


On the inside front cover we print a message from the giver to the child so they can treasure the book as a keepsake in years to come eg: Christmas 2015 – with love from Mummy and Daddy xxx

XmasCharacterThis book is exclusive to Notonthehighstreet.com so head on over to get your in ready for them to start their Christmas list! 


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