Letterfest office

Where Do We Work Again?

Letterfest officeWe have a new addition to the office in the form of a massive LETTERFEST sign. It really is quite large and brilliant isn’t it? That’s Ant hard at work drawing a house portrait sitting underneath it.

James makes all our cardboard products from lovely FSC approved cardboard. That means the pulp comes from sustainable forests so for every tree that is cut down another is planted. We like this.

We thought it might be time to have a little round-up of the cardboard gifts we make so here goes..

Here’s our Personalised 3D Name gift idea. Available in either natural cardboard colour as as seen here or white in a choice of two font styles.

Personalised 3D NamesOur Personalised Letter Animals come in the form of an elephant, bunny or dinosaur. Personalise with a letter for a great kids present.
Personalised Letter AnimalCardboard Personalised Letter AnimalsChunky Cardboard Letters can be used to make up words or a pair of initials using our lovely ampersand.
Chunky Cardboard LettersThis is our Customised Word Block available in natural or white cardboard saying Hello, Love or Home.
Customised Word BlockIs April a little too early to think about Christmas? Probably but hey ho here’s our Giant Cardboard Christmas Tree¬†anyway, ready to be painted, stickered, glittered, baubled, tinselled….
Giant Cardboard Christmas Tree


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