Letterfest Hannah

Meet the Team – Hannah, Illustrator and Framer Extraordinaire

Letterfest Hannah

Tell us bit about yourself…I’m Han, I live in sunny North Devon and feel really lucky living in such a beautiful place by the seaside! I work for Wendy in her lovely office/home, along with the rest of the Letterfest crew. We all strive to both work and play hard. I spend a lot of my time on the local beaches with Gin (my dog!). I also love eating my crusts!

What’s your role in Letterfest? Primarily I’m the framing queen! However I also draw some of the Personalised Wedding Venue Illustrations and generally help out around the office and eat all the treats!! My little side venture is creating the Embroidered House Portraits, which I love! Anything sewy and pretty is totally me . As often as I can i make sure I give Travis and Gin lots of cuddles!

Some of Hannah’s pretty sewing

Hannah sewing

How did you start your career? I studied at Somerset College of Art and Technology for a degree in Textiles and after my studying days were over I spent a few months travelling around New Zealand,bombing around in a campervan, swimming in lagoons and skydiving! I then moved to North Devon and worked in an art gallery until I discovered the wonderful world of Letterfest and the rest is history!

Hannah’s portrait of Travis

Hannah's portrait of Travis

What have been the highs of your career so far? Without sounding totally cliched (and I promise you Wendy hasn’t paid me to say this!!) working at Letterfest is my dream job!! Previously though, in my University days, a particular high point was exhibiting at New Designers in London; I really enjoyed the buzz and excitement.

Embroidered House Portrait

What or who inspires you? I find inspiration in lots of little things, from the stunning landscapes that surround me, my family and amazing Mum, my creative and beautifully spirited friends, to the small sea shells I collect on my walks. I must also mention my man James, who inspires and supports me daily.

What do you most enjoy about working in Letterfest? I’m so lucky to work with such a brill bunch of people; we work really well together as a hardworking and creative team! I also enjoy seeing the illustrations being developed from initial pen drawings to the final coloured product, especially when a customer responds so positively.

What is your favourite Letterfest product? This is a little bit biased but I think the Chunky Cardboard Letters and Customised Word Blocks are fab. A bit naughty really because James creates all our cardboard products!

Customised Word Block

What are your goals for the next year? Now I’m working full time for Wendy, I’m excited and a teeny bit nervous about Christmas! We will all be busy little elves making sure all our personalised products arrive safe and sound. I’m also really looking forward to seeing new products being developed and hopefully being an important part of the process.

What Hannah loves:
Last film that you saw – Eagle v Shark (very Flight of the Conchords-Jermaine’s in it!)
Last book you read – The girl with the Dragon Tattoo (quite, quite intense)
Last holiday – Christmas in New Zealand (a return visit to a truly spectacular destination)
Last present you brought – An adorable romper suit for my new nephew, Beau xxxx
Last present you were given – James restored my old school and slightly rickety bicycle back to it’s glorious best!


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